These solutions may help your drivers to improve their quality of driving

  • Serious Games, m-learning and virtual reality: all these tools are part of the digitization of driver training... Discover all the updated techniques here!

    Before every trip, drivers must inspect their trucks, checking their condition. A rule not always observed... Read here for important tips about inspection!

  • The 14th Solutrans show in Lyon will give companies from the sector the chance to discuss the effects of new ICT on their everyday activities

    Capable of travelling in electric convoys, autonomous trucks have been undergoing a leap forward for four years now

  • EffitrailerTM has enabled haulage company Testud Vrac to reduce its breakdown callouts very significantly

    EffitrailerTM has met every expectation for haulier Chalavan & Duc

L'inspection préalable : un réflexe capital, crédit : Michelin.

Truck inspections: making them happen

Infographic Article

Drivers must carry out technical and mechanical checks on their trucks before setting off. For them, and for the company, this is a crucial step, although still too often omitted… What are the benefits of pre-trip inspection? What elements must be checked and how can we optimise the process?

Truck inspections: making them happen
Solutrans 2017

Solutrans Looks to the Future

Event Article

Solutrans, the international show for road and urban transport solutions, will open its doors for four days starting 21 November 2017. This year the show is focusing on the future of the sector and the effects of new technology.

Solutrans Looks to the Future
Camions autonomes, des avancées constantes, crédit : Daimler.

Autonomous trucks, constant progress

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Constantly evolving, autonomous trucks are now a reality and will in all probability be on most of our roads in the very near future. A look back at four years of innovation and experiments…

Autonomous trucks, constant progress

EffitrailerTM: superb results

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Christian Duc, Technical and Purchasing Director at Chalavan & Duc, is convinced that EffitrailerTM has revolutionized the way the Group handles repairs for its vehicles.

EffitrailerTM: superb results
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