Capable of travelling in electric convoys, autonomous trucks have been undergoing a leap forward for four years now

  • EffitrailerTM has enabled haulage company Testud Vrac to reduce its breakdown callouts very significantly

    EffitrailerTM has met every expectation for haulier Chalavan & Duc

  • Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) is low pollution, profitable and just as efficient as diesel would seem to be the most advantageous short term solution

    On July 1, 2017, law enforcement agencies can report or even immobilize a vehicle in France that does not have its sticker

  • The latest range of Michelin truck tyres X® MULTI™ offers a multitude of innovations and also focuses on telematics for an ever longer service life

    Drones, electric vehicles, autonomous robots and green transport methods are slowly replacing traditional delivery trucks to handle last-mile logistics

Camions autonomes, des avancées constantes, crédit : Daimler.

Autonomous trucks, constant progress

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Constantly evolving, autonomous trucks are now a reality and will in all probability be on most of our roads in the very near future. A look back at four years of innovation and experiments…

Autonomous trucks, constant progress

EffitrailerTM: superb results

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Christian Duc, Technical and Purchasing Director at Chalavan & Duc, is convinced that EffitrailerTM has revolutionized the way the Group handles repairs for its vehicles.

EffitrailerTM: superb results

Anti-pollution stickers: what are the obligations for transporters?


More than 250 European towns and cities have already implemented measures to restrict access to their centers, using various procedures. This is an update on these measures, since France has just implemented CRIT’Air, a mandatory sticker, subject to a fine for non-display, which distinguishes vehicles according to their pollution level. Who is affected? What steps should be taken by a fleet manager? Here are the answers to the questions asked.

Anti-pollution stickers: what are the obligations for transporters?
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