What are the real and tangible benefits of connected mobility for its users?


What is connected mobility? How does it affect us in our daily lives?

What connected mobility means for daily users?

Today in the transportation world connected mobility is understood as proof of progress. In a previous article we scratched the surface, but one topic remains un-discussed. What connected mobility really means? What are the interests for daily users, transport companies or the public authorities?

We have built a triptych infographic to begin visually answering these question, and start the discussion.
The first “concerns connected mobility for daily users”. The topic concerns all of us today because we are connected, our objects, our vehicles, and our infrastructure are all connected and intertwined…
We receive real-time information on traffic, our positions are located in real time. We optimize our travel and buy access to different modes of transport. We share what happens, we are “tracked” by our usages or our needs… For even more efficiency, comfort, instant gratification…


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  • Franck Estoquié

    I love this infografic, all about making the message clear!

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