The haulage ecosystem is strongly impacted by innovations introduced by connected mobility


Every road transport actor’s daily life and way of working are being affected by the introduction of connected mobility. What is the actual situation?

What connected mobility means for the global organisation?

Today in the transportation world connected mobility is understood as proof of progress. In a previous article we scratched the surface, but one topic remains un-discussed. What connected mobility really means? What are the interests for daily users, transport companies or the public authorities? We have built a triptych infographic to begin visually answering these question, and start the discussion.

The third infographic shows a third actor often overlooked yet essential. To make connected mobility possible there must be a global organization. Inside the “global organization” there are:
– public authorities are funding research, authorizing the markets and defining standards
– the technology manufacturers of connected systems
– operators and organizers of mobility
– startups developing software for the needs of tomorrow.

Thus completing the trifecta of Research, funding, and regulation.



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