What are Low-Emission Zones? How do they work? What are they for?


A Low-Emission Zone (LEZ) is a specific area where access by certain polluting vehicles is banned, restricted or deterred in order to improve the air quality.

Low-Emission Zone: how it works?

In general, in countries which is in process or already setting up this kind of area, vehicles that do not conform to higher emission standards are charged, the others may enter the controlled zone free of charge. In Germany, almost all transport vehicles are banned, no matter their polluting level. Thus, vehicles such as hybrid electric or zero-emission (all-electric) would be favored. The English call this area: Low-Emission zone, while the German named it Umweltzone and the French, “Plan antipollution”.

Thanks to our infographic, let you guide to see how it works in London, Paris and Germany and think about problems that it would cause for transport companies:


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