The latest range of Michelin truck tyres X® MULTI™ offers a multitude of innovations and also focuses on telematics for an ever longer service life

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Michelin has just launched its X® MULTI™ range, truck tyres that combine several technologies for an ever longer service life and better grip.

MICHELIN X® MULTI™: crammed with technology

KEY INFOMICHELIN X® MULTI™ tyre: 15 to 20% more mileage compared with its predecessor

Getting more and more miles out of the same tyres is obviously a priority for fleet managers. And for good reason: tyres are one of their biggest expenses, and any savings in this area are welcome. It is in this context that Michelin has just launched its range of MICHELIN X® MULTI™ regional truck tyres. And the manufacturer offers a considerable gain: 15 to 20% more mileage compared with the MICHELIN X® MultiWay™ 3D range.

For fleet managers, it’s a straightforward calculation: being able to cover these extra miles means a saving of up to one in five tyres. This is a significant saving at a time when being competitive means calculating operating costs down to the last penny. This new model has already won over many fleet mangers, as shown by their feedback provided in the video below. The general agreement among users is that these tyres are perfectly adapted to all conditions, last longer than the previous generation and grip much better to the road, guaranteeing improved safety for the drivers and other users. This is particularly true in winter conditions, on ice- or snow-covered roads.

Feedback from European customers about the performance of MICHELIN X® MULTI™ tyres:

– Spain: Carmelo Gonzalez, Chairman of VIANA
– Sweden: Jan Jonsson, Chairman of Sandberg & Jonsson refrigerated
– Portugal: Zeferino Simões, Director of TFS
– Germany: Ferdinand Kloiber, Chairman of KLOIBER Container Logistik
– England: Karl Dawson, Logistics Director at Heron Foods refrigerated

Four major innovations

This tyre, born of progress, combines REGENION, INFINICOIL, POWERCOIL and CARBION technologies.

  • REGENION, as its name indicates, enables the various components of the tread to regenerate themselves, thanks to 3D metal printing techniques. It guarantees exceptional grip, even at the end of the tyre’s life.

  • INFINICOIL is a steel wire that surrounds the tyre, increasing its stability and resistance.

  • For its part, CARBION is a material that increases the tyre’s mileage.

  • While POWERCOIL takes the form of steel cables creating a lighter, more resistant casing and providing less rolling resistance.

An integrated RFID chip

On top of these technologies, is another one that is just as vital for fleet managers: the integration of an RFID chip. In other words, with the MICHELIN X® MULTI™ range you can identify individual tyres. It also guarantees better traceability of operations and, in short, helps fleet managers to keep an eye on their equipment’s performance.

“The new MICHELIN X® MULTI™ regional tyres offer exceptional grip and greatly improved service life. Additionally, their price, which is the same as the previous range, highlights Michelin’s commitment to guaranteeing its customers enjoy the best cost of ownership,” explains Serge Lafon, Director of the truck product line.

These tyres are available in four versions: two 315/70 R 22.5 sizes (one for all axles, the other for the drive axle); and two 385/55 R 22.5 sizes (one for the steering axle and the other for the bearing axle). By the end of the year, two other sizes will be added to the range.

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