EffitrailerTM has enabled haulage company Testud Vrac to reduce its breakdown callouts very significantly

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Testud Vrac’s CEO, Romain Testud states that EffitrailerTM is now an essential tool in its vehicle fleet management.

70% fewer breakdowns thanks to EffitrailerTM

The Testud family has now been working in road freight transport for 70 years. A family business, located in Drôme since 1991, it now has around sixty vehicles with a specialisation that remains the same – the road transport of bulk freight in grain dump trucks. With its 48 employees, it is still a family business: founded by Léon Testud, it was then run by his son, Guy, and his wife, Chantal. It is their son, Romain, who picked up the baton and has been Testud Vrac’s CEO for a year. Grain, fruit, aggregates – the company transports freight that is as varied as its customers’ profiles: hypermarkets and supermarkets (general and specialist), SMEs, multinationals, etc. And one major problem: breakdown costs that are inevitably high because the fleet comprises some sixty vehicles.

Romain Testud, Testud Vrac’s CEO, photo credit: Michelin.

Romain Testud, Testud Vrac’s CEO, photo credit: Michelin.

“This is what convinced us to go for EffitrailerTM,” acknowledges Romain Testud, Testud Vrac’s CEO. “There was of course the desire to geolocate our trailers ; the freight dispatcher no longer has to find out where they are as it is very easy for them to see whether the trailer is with a customer or in a depot. But what makes it worthwhile for us is mainly on the breakdown side. Michelin’s commitment is really beneficial.” One figures confirm this: “Our breakdowns have dropped by 70%! The budget is reduced, which allows us to absorb our investment in this system.”

The EffitrailerTM telematics solution from Michelin solutions in use at Testud Vrac, photo credit: Michelin.

The EffitrailerTM telematics solution from Michelin solutions in use at Testud Vrac, photo credit: Michelin.


“It demonstrates our innovative side”

Above and beyond this 70% drop in breakdowns and the advantage of geolocation, the benefits from choosing EffitrailerTM are also to be found by the haulier’s customers. “This allows us to show our innovative side, which affects them because tracking our trailers and our tractors also involves tracking their freight,” continues Romain Testud. Another benefit: showing that we take account of the environmental aspect. “Some of our customers are now well ahead in this area and, thanks to EffitrailerTM, we can assure them that we are on the same wavelength.” There are many advantages over the tools that the haulier previously had available for managing its fleet in real time.

“How did we manage before? Well, we didn’t really!” smiles Romain Testud. “So we tested the solution and then very quickly validated it for 12 vehicles and then fitted all vehicles with the system. EffitrailerTM allows us to maintain proactive tracking: anticipating the problem is the best way of avoiding it! In short, the benefits of this solution are very clear: it’s security for our employees and the freight entrusted to us by our customers, keeping costs in check and anticipating expenditure.”

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